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Neurology in Iran
January 2, 2019
Borderless Medicine with Health Tourism
Borderless Medicine with Health Tourism
January 4, 2020

We are proud to inform you that The "Sama Teb Khavarmianeh" Established with the aim of providing Health and medical advice and services to local and International patients.
Sama Teb Khavarmianeh Company” was founded by Dr. Nasiri, CEO of the company. Dr. Nasiri, having many years of experience working in Healthcare team of various hospitals in Tehran. Considering of her medical and Healthcare skills, She decided to start working on medical tourism by name sama medtour as one of subsidiary companies of Sama Teb Khavarmianeh.

Sama medtour, is a medical tourism facilitator based in the beautiful capital of Iran, well - known Tehran. Sama medtour has successfully expanded its presence in Iraq, Oman, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Armenia , Baku, Azerbaijan ,Nigeria, Myanmar, Pakistan, Uganda as well as U.S.A.
Sama medtour provides world class services in Healthcare Consulting, Medical Tourism, Ancillary services and logistics. Sama medtour aims to provide its patients the most effective and economical treatment options.

Sama medtour provides professional consultancy in planning and arranging of Doctors, hospitals and clinics across the Iran.
Run by a team of young entrepreneurs, Sama medtour prides itself on its ethical & professional dealings for its patients. Sama medtour offers an entire range of services to provide its patients a smooth, hassle-free and effective experience. Sama medtour work with agents, employers, individuals and third party administrators.
With incredible medical costs, many are discovering the advantages of medical tourism for certain health care procedures. Patients can enjoy notable savings, and we make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.

We'll help with all travel plans, to take the worry out of traveling.
Sama medtour, is your gateway to affordable international medical tourism.

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