Sama Medical Tourism is officially licensed to work in the field of medical tourism aims to provide specialized services for the treatment of patients, cosmetics, dentistry, ophthalmology, cardiology, internal medicine, orthopedics, infertility treatment, and herbal medicine. The establishment seeks to obtain a global position in the health tourism sector by making use of the best doctors and hospitals in Iran.

Sama MedTour , desire to provide local and foreign wishing advice at all stages of treatment, before and during travel and after leaving Iran full advice to ensure the success of the process. Translators in Arabic and English will facilitate the work and needs of foreign patients.

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Why Sama Medical Tourism ?

You can find the best service on our site and get all the benefits of your treatment with our free consultation from our experts. We introduce you the best medical teams and the best hospitals in Iran to receive the highest quality during treatment process.

Sama Medical Tourism Company, with the knowledge and experience of specialists who have been active in the field of health tourism for many years, provides you with the best health care at the highest quality and the most reasonable price.


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