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1. can I Visit Iran?

All nationalities of the world are so welcome to visit Iran. The only exception is Israel citizens, because of the present political issues, Israeli citizens will be refused to enter Iran under all circumstances.

2. Do you need a Visa to Travel to Iran?

Except the citizens of the following countries, all other foreign visitors need a visa to enter Iran. So here you can see which countries can go to Iran without visa:
Armenia: 90 days within 180 days
Azerbaijan: 30 days
Bolivia: 30 days
Egypt: 20 days
Georgia: 45 days
Lebanon: 30 days
Malaysia: 15 days
Serbia: 30 days within 1 year
Syria: 90 days within 180 days
Turkey: 3 months
Venezuela: 1 month

3. What type of visa will I need to travel to Iran?

The following visas are the main types of visa:
Tourist Visa
Entry Visa (business visa)
Press Visa
Transit Visa
Work Permit Visa
Pilgrimage Visa
Student Visa
Diplomatic and Service Visa

Tourist Visa (single or multiple entry)

those who wish to travel to Iran for sightseeing or to visit their friends and family are required to have a tourist visa . The maximum duration of stay for those who hold a tourist visa is 30 days.

Entry Visa (single, double or multiple entry)

An ‘entry’ visa is actually a ‘business’ visa. Foreign nationals who want to travel to Iran for economic, commercial, cultural or industrial purposes need an entry visa. Also those who attend economic or cultural conferences and seminars or those participating in sporting events will be required to have an entry visa. The authorized duration of stay is often up to 30 days. Commercial visitors must get an invitation letter from the company or the organization they want to visit.

Press Visa

The foreign journalists who want to travel to Iran on business are required to get a Press visa. Pay attention that applications for press visas must be made to the dedicated Press Section of the embassy.

Transit Visa

Foreign nationals who intend just to pass through Iran on their way to a third country will need to get a transit visa.

Work Permit Visa

All the foreign nationals who intend to work in Iran will be definitely required to have a work permit visa. Before you can apply for a work permit visa, the company you are going to work for must get your work permit.

Pilgrimage Visa

Foreign Muslim pilgrims who like to visit the sacred sights and holy shrines in Iran are required to get a Pilgrimage visa.

Student Visa

All foreign nationals who want to study in Iran will be needed to get a student visa.

Diplomatic and Service Visa

Holders of diplomatic and service passports who intend to travel to Iran, either to undertake an official visit at Iran’s invitation, or to work in a diplomatic or consular mission, must obtain a diplomatic and service visa.

4. How to get an Iranian visa?

You will need to get a Letter of Invitation from a sponsor in Iran. Before you apply for your Iran visa (giving you up to 30 days), you should apply for an Authorization Code. Everyone who wishes to visit Iran must have one of these codes and it will determine whether you are granted a visa application or not. For tourist visas, the sponsor can be a tour operator in Iran.
You can fill our visa form in case you want us to do the services. We can apply for the visa on your behalf.
You need to specify which embassy you will be processing your visa at, when applying for the authorization code. Once the code is given to you no changes can be made in the embassy chosen. So It’s wise to choose an embassy in a city from which you will probably fly to Iran.
Our Iran Travel agency is ready to get this Authorization Code for all nationalities.
Obtain your Iran Tourist Visa in 7 easy steps:
1.Fill out the visa form.

2. Wait for the application receipt confirmation and application fee payment instructions.
3. Pay the service fee.
4.You’ll receive the visa authorization code after 7 to 10 working days.
5. Refer to the Iranian consulate you have selected and collect your visa.
6. Inform us about the receipt of the visa.
7. Enjoy visiting Iran
Note that your passport MUST be valid for at least six months from your date of entry into Iran, and must have at least TWO blank pages.
The validity duration of this authorization code for receiving Iran Visa stamp is 1 month after the issuance time. As from the time of visa stamp reception, the tourist has only three months to enter Iran. And please note that the visitors have to exit Iran before the expiration of this 3 months validity.

5. How much does an Iranian visa cost?

You have to pay two times during visa process. First, there is the visa service fee of about USD 59.00 (visa is free on our Iran Tourism Packages). Second, you need to pay a visa collection fee to get the visa stamped into your passport.
Check with the Embassy in your country for updated Iranian visa fees.

6. Do I need to have my itinerary organized before I apply for a visa?

You don’t need to have an organized itinerary before applying your visa, unless you are a US, UK or Canadian citizen.
Visas for US, UK and Canadian passport holders are subject to particular rules. Read the article about how to visit Iran as an a) American or as a b) Canadian, to get more about this issue. At this time, the Iranian Foreign Ministry will only issue visas for US, UK and Canadian citizens who travel to Iran as part of a pre-booked, guided tour. You as a US, UK or Canadian citizen can travel to Iran either as part of a bigger tour group, or on a customize tour private tour designed as you wish. So please make your travel arrangements at least 10 weeks in advance of your pre-planned travel date.

7. Can I get a visa on arrival at Iran airports?

You can get a visa on arrival for 30 days of duration (extendable for another 15 days), at the following airports:
Imam Khomeini International Airport and Mehrabad International Airport (Tehran)
Shiraz International Airport (Shiraz)
Tabriz International Airport (Tabriz)
Konarak Airport (Cha-Bahar)
Isfahan International Airport (Isfahan)
Mashhad International Airport (Mashad)
Kish International Airport (Kish Island)
Dayrestan Airport (Qeshm Island)
Bandar Abbas International Airport
Orumiyeh International Airport
Kerman International Airport
You can fill the form of MFA (Iran visa form) on in order to get a pre-approval code for an Iran airports visa (VOA).
The Iran visa service cost for getting this kind of Iran visa pre-approval is USD78.00 per person. In fact, based on Iran visitors’ nationality, they also need to pay the Iran visa stamp fee on collection of the visa in their passport.
A. The applicant (Iran visitor) should have a confirmed return ticket and a valid passport that at least 6 months validity and a personal photo to be attached to the application form of Iran visa applicants.
B. The Visa stamp fee for Iran visa on arrival (It depends on the applicant’s nationality) is payable to the Iran visa & passport office at the Iran airports.
C. This type of Iran visa is only for Iran tourist purposes and the followings are not entitled to this Iran visa facilitation.
C.1. Foreigner Journalists and reporters on mission.
C.2. Applicants whose applications for Iran Visa as an Iran visitor have been rejected before.
C.3. Iranians holding foreign passports but still maintaining their Iranian nationality.
D. Applicants (Iran visitors) can secure the Iran visa by completing the opposite form and receiving a pre-approval Iran visa code.

Name of nationalities that are non-eligible for Iran airport visa (VOA):

USA, UK, Canada, Colombia, Somalia, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India (since Mar. 2014)

8. Once I am in Iran, can I get my visa extended so that I can stay longer?

Yes, you can extend you visa to stay longer in Iran. You need to go to the nearest Police Department of Alien Affairs before your visa expires. You will be asked why you want to extend your visa duration. Extensions are usually granted for up to two months.
Tehran : Soroush St., After Motahari Junction, Shariati Ave.
Mashad : Next to Azad Univ., Rahnamaee St.
Isfahan : Azadi Sq, Roudaki St.
Shiraz : Moddarres Blvd, near Vali-e Asr Sq.
Yazd : Near Abouzar Sq, Kashani St



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