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January 1, 2020
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January 5, 2020
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Borderless Medicine with Health Tourism

Borderless Medicine with Health Tourism

Borderless Medicine with Health Tourism

Tourism is the third largest industry in the world and it is very valuable for any country to earn money. Medical tourism is one of the most important branches of tourism. In recent years, the tourism industry has made remarkable progress, departing from the general public and divided into various branches.
Each country chooses each of these branches based on its policies and situation. The tourist purpose of tourism is the basis of this classification.
Tourism Branches:
• Religious tourism
• Adventure tourism
• Cultural tourism
• Sport Tourism
• Heritage Tourism
• Historical tourism
• Recreational tourism
• Business tourism
• health tourism

Health Tourism in the World Tourism Organization :
People all over the world travel to a place outside of their home (whether city or other country) to improve or enhance their morale and health to benefit from the services, treatment, prevention and beauty of the destination country.
It is sometimes observed that individuals with the intent to benefit from natural resources, such as mineral water and climate, travel for the benefit of other areas only for the benefit of natural resources. Some also travel to other parts of the world just to use post-treatment facilities.
Therefore, people who travel to other areas (if they are more than 4 hours away from their place of residence) with the goal of having any health services are among the health tourists.

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