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Slimming Surgery

Slimming surgery is a treatment for weight loss in which the patient's weight is reduced by changing the way they digest food and calorie intake. Through slimming surgery, the patient not only experiences significant and irreversible weight loss but also improves her health. After slimming surgery, most obesity-related illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease can be cured. Slimming surgery has many types including gastric bypass and Sleeve, adjustable stomach ring and gastric balloon. Below we will explain the latest method of slimming surgery

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve is one of the most popular and least risky weight loss surgeries, which reduces calories intake by removing 3% of the stomach and therefore slimming down. The part of the stomach that is responsible for the secretion of hunger hormone is also removed in this surgery, so the appetite of the patient is significantly reduced. Gastro-esophageal surgery is the newest method of slimming surgery that has fewer complications and challenges than other methods and it also treats obesity-related diseases. Also, recovering from a stomach sleeve will be shorter and better than other methods. The patient can lose to 5 percent of his or her weight with gastric bypass surgery

Gastric bypass

Gastric bypass surgery not only reduces gastric size but also reduces the absorption of nutrients by manipulating the intestine. During the gastric bypass procedure, part of the stomach is first cut and excised, then part of the intestine is attached to the stomach and sewn. This will make one less likely to eat first and not fully absorb the calories of the food. Stomach bypass is one of the most standard slimming surgeries, reducing the Vern Fred by 4 percent. But unfortunately, it can lead to complications such as dumping syndrome or stomach failure. In addition, gastric bypass patients lose the ability to absorb some vitamins and have to take vitamin and mineral supplements for the rest of their lives

Stomach rings

Adjustable Stomach Ring or Stomach Ring Another method of slimming surgery is to wrap a ring around the upper part of the stomach and shrink it to make the patient eat less. After a gastric ring surgery, the patient feels fuller than before. After the surgery, however, the patient loses weight less slowly than the sleeve and gastric bypass

Non Surgical Gastric Balloon

This balloon enters the stomach, which occupies a large volume and the patient will no longer be able to eat as before. The gastric balloon, of course, is almost obsolete and is less commonly used today because of its complications


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