Orthopedic surgeries in Iranian hospitals are done with latest techniques using the most advanced technologies through the experienced hand of our surgeons
There are plenty of procedures but some of them which are very common are :

Lower Limb Reconstruction Surgery
Bilateral Total Knee Replacement
Unicondylar Knee Replacement for partial knee damage
Hip Replacement and Revision surgery
Correction of Mal aligned limb and leg

Sport Medicine Surgery
Arthroscopic Ligament Reconstruction of Knee
Arthroscopic Meniscal Repair
Arthroscopic Cartilage Repair and Restoration
Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery (Repair of Rotator Cuff)

Upper Limb Surgery
Correction of Congenital Deformities
Micro Vascular surgery on The Hand
Surgical Treatment of Strictures , Compression, Neuropathies and contractures

Fixation Of Fractures
We use the most advance techniques of intra Medullary Nailing, Fixation with Locking plates and Small Wire External Fixation for the fractures

Pediatric Orthopedics
Including nonsurgical methods and Surgical treatment of Club Foot, Congenital Hip Dislocation treatment

What is Included in the Package
Pre and post ops
Consultation with the doctor before and after the surgery
Dedicated 24*7 destination manager
Surgeon’s fees
Logistics and accommodation for accompanying guest at the hospital during the patient stay
Travel assistance including help in shopping around for air tickets and tourism activities
Assistance in hotel bookings for special discounted tariffs
Passport and Visa expedience services
Copies of medical and surgery notes in English

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