face lift in Iran

What is facial lift

The loss of youthful facial appearance depends on various factors such as inheritance, gravity, environmental factors and stress. Changes occur with age in the skin, soft tissue and bone skeleton. Skin changes include increased skin relaxation, decreased elasticity, and sun damage. At the surface of the soft tissue, atrophy (depletion) of the facial fat occurs, resulting in pits, especially in the areas of the cheeks, below the corners of the lip, around the chin and cheek. In addition, the facial bone skeleton is analyzed over time, with faster bone maturation in the maxilla (maxilla) and orbital vein (bone bowl).
All of these changes cause the following symptoms:

Middle part of the facial tissue drooping
Deep lines below the lower eyelid
Deep lines along the nose that lead to the corner of the lip
Deep lines that extend from side to side to the mandible
Natural adipose tissue of the face that has been degraded or depleted
Decreased tonicity of the lower face skin
Loose skin and excess fat deposition under the chin and jaw

The method of face lift surgery is to make a general incision at the top of the scalp, from the top of the ear to the top of the ear, then from the front of the ear to the back of the ear and finally to the back of the neck. The size of this cut depends on the size of the drop and the size of the face lift.
After splitting, the facial skin and the underlying layers, including the facial muscles, are removed from the bone. Then the skin and underlying tissues are stretched upwards to relieve wrinkles and drooping. Excess portions of the skin are cut and then sutured.

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