Brazilian Butt Lift in Iran
While rounded and well-shaped hips are a sign of health and beauty, a fallen, flat, flat hips can distract a woman’s self-esteem. Gravity, genetics, the aging process are the main causes of this condition. Brazilian hip lift is one of the ways to form hip. In this way, the cosmetic surgeon can improve the fit of the lower part of the body with surgery and help the patient remove fat from problematic parts of the body such as the thigh and flank and improve the appearance of the hip. The results of this surgery remain for years.
Before and after – Brazilian butt lift in Iran
Brazilian hip lift as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries means transferring body fat to the hip area. In this form of formulation, liposuction will first remove excess fat from part of your body, especially the waist, lower back and thighs. This is good news for those patients who suffer from abdominal fat and thighs. After the fat is removed, it is purified and injected into the hip. The result is a slimmer, more prominent hips. In this way, the feel and appearance of your hips will be more natural than silicone prostheses. Also, since your body fat is used, the likelihood of it being incompatible with your body is virtually zero.
Benefits of Brazilian Hip Lift in Iran:
Brazilian hip lift is much less dangerous than other hip lift surgeries. This makes recovery time easier and shorter.
Low risk
Compared to the size and location of the flexible injection
Less painful
Has faster recovery time
Less likely to develop the complication
Reason for excellence Brazilian hip lift in easthetic Center located in Iran:
Brazilian hip shaping has become one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the 80s. That’s why this is done in countless clinics and it can be difficult to choose from. But for some reasons, surgery is the best option in our clinic:
Reduce the likelihood of infection, even before surgery:
Infection is likely in any surgery. Although rarely present, it can prolong the healing and stay where the wound is. We are reducing the likelihood of this risk by careful action. Prophylaxis will give you antibiotics before surgery. This simple precaution helps reduce the chance of infection before surgery and during recovery.
Hips more prominent and shapely:
Our skilled plastic surgeons have a long experience in Brazilian hip lift. The experience and skill of our surgeons has shown us the best places to remove fat, flanks and lower back. Countless surgeries have proven that by applying flank fat after liposuction, these areas will have less fat, which will make their hips more attractive and bumpy.
Precision cut-off location:
At our Clinic, we try to make as little cuts as possible at the surgical site so that you can recover slowly. Therefore, during surgery, the incisions will be very fine and small. In fact, for liposuction, we will only make a few cuts of 3-4mm on the line or natural skin folds. These small incisions are made on the lower back, the middle of the waist, and a cut on each side. They are then sutured and repaired without being seen. Only fat needles are created to transport fat, which are small enough to repair themselves.

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