What is Dimple?

The natural, congenital cheek pits are the result of a small cavity in one of the cheek muscles called the horn muscle. Although it is a hereditary feature, it can be created with a non-invasive surgical procedure called cheek surgery. Although the presence of the stump in the cheek is due to a defect in one muscle, it is recognized as an attractive feature in many societies. These bumps represent youth and beauty and make the smiles of people who are dense. People who are born with a natural cheekbone may lose or lose weight as they grow older, with skin, muscle and body weight changes.

Dimple creation How is it done?

Surgical excision is performed under local anesthesia. Before the operation, the surgeon will mark the area with you, so you will be fully aware of the location of the hole. During this procedure, the doctor makes a small incision in the mouth and works on the intramuscular muscle to create a natural cheek hole. It closes the inside of the cheek with absorbent sutures, and after surgery you can perform your normal routine. Because all the procedures are done inside the mouth, there is no surgery outside and in the facial area.

Postoperative care

It is very important to carefully follow up after surgery to get the desired result. Your doctor will give you the necessary instructions. Since the mouth is a source of bacteria, you need to be careful. To keep your mouth clean of bacteria, you must use a disinfectant rinse several times a day. Appropriate antibiotics are prescribed by the physician to help with the healing process and if needed to reduce pain. The inflammation persists for several days. To get better results, extra facial movements should be avoided during the recovery process




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