Breast Reduction in Iran

Breast Reduction (complaining of breast enlargement or drooping) is one of the most common causes of cosmetic surgeons. It should be noted that this article simply explains breast reduction.
Although minor details are common, it should be noted that most patients who complain of breast enlargement also have Breast drooping, of course it might A person who has complaining of Breast drooping, has a large breast size, or vice versa,or may have a Breast drooping due to loss of tissue and loss of function, which has different treatment.

Breast enlargement can cause a variety of problems such as neck pain, shoulder and back pain, feeling sleepy in the hands, furrowing of the shoulders, perspiration and subcutaneous folding, especially in summer, restricting exercise activities, shortness of breath. Exercise, lower self-esteem and depression, and reduced social activities and relationship (especially in youth) and difficulty finding suitable clothing.

This is why numerous studies have shown that breast reduction effectively reduces these symptoms and pains and improves self-esteem and personal social relationship and, therefore, the very successful breast reduction and satisfaction of patients who selected correctly.




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